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American Made Alpaca

Dryer Balls With Knit Coverings (Set Of 3)

Dryer Balls With Knit Coverings (Set Of 3)

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Save time and energy with our dryer balls with knit coverings. Not only are the dryer balls hand made with USA alpaca but the knit covering around them is also hand made with USA alpaca yarn. These dryer balls are slightly larger than our regular dryer balls.
Assorted colors - we choose

Made in the USA Made in USA American made dryer balls - our alpaca wool dryer balls are proudly made in the USA. We are a New York alpaca farm - being the proud caregivers of these amazing camelids. All of the alpaca fiber is grown in the USA supporting American farms and American alpaca farmers. The dryer balls are manufactured in the United States supporting local manufacturing and employing American workers.

American Made Alpaca is dedicated to bringing you amazing American made alpaca products at affordable prices.

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